The KODA Story

Jack and Robin Den Uyl of Holland, Michigan met while working at Prince Corporation. Jack had performed many different roles while on the job, starting as a factory worker, and advancing to many different leadership roles, and finally advanced to a plant manager position in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

During their 20 years of work while raising their 5 wonderful children (3 girls and 2 boys), they had a dream to open their own cleaning business- but never dared to take the leap. This would be a large risk for their family. After many evenings of talk, Jack and Robin finally decided it was the right time to follow their dreams. In 2005, they opened the doors to KODA Cleaning Services in Holland, Michigan- and trusted the Lord to give them the wisdom, energy, and drive to succeed.

During their first year, Robin ran the company during the day while Jack helped and supported in any way possible while maintaining full time employment in Grand Rapids. The second year they decided for both of them to go full time and be a husband and wife cleaning team in business.

"I know I have been blessed to work with a great woman, and would say our blessings are because of Robin, and our push to show character and integrity the best way we can in all things we do." - Jack Den Uyl